Developing Whole + Intentional Leaders is Achievable

A Systematic Approach to
Whole + Intentional Leader Development

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About the WiLD Toolkit

The WiLD Toolkit comprises ten leader development tools and personalized feedback reports that provide a comprehensive and intentional development plan.

Unlike any other leader development process, the WiLD Toolkit is based on four decades of research on the developmental journey of leaders. These tools provide deep insight and guidance in helping the leader become better versions of themselves.



The dashboard in the WiLD Toolkit is interactive and adds qualitative and quantitative data as the tools are completed.

This interactive feature keeps the leader engaged, on track, and focused on the personal development process.



Personalized feedback reports are available as soon as a tool is completed.

The feedback reports are filled with your story, and they provide the scaffolding for reflecting on the results.



Each tool targets a different aspect of whole + intentional leader development. The results are confidential to the leader but can be shared with others if they choose.

Privacy creates the environment required to expand reflection on the real challenges and then develop the courage to seek help from others.

WiLD Toolkit System Trusted By:

A Monthly Rhythm and Systematic Approach
Backed by Four Decades of Research

LEAD Diligently Uses 10 Tools for Leader Development

WiLD Profile

WiLD Profile

Calling + Purpose

Calling + Purpose Inventory

Purposeful Goals

Purposeful Goals Audit

Leading Under Pressure

Leading Under Pressure

Transformational Experiences Audit

Transformational Experiences Audit

Skills + Knowledge

Skills + Knowledge Inventory

Motivational Learning Inventory

Motivational Learning Inventory

People Investment Plan

People Investment Plan

Strategic Network Audit + Guide

Strategic Network Audit + Guide

WiLD Plan

WiLD Plan

Goal Setting Tool

+ Goal Setting Tool

Moments That Matter Tool

+ Moments That Matter Tool

The WiLD Tools ignite the leader’s curiosity to ask questions and seek answers.

What does it mean to bring our whole selves to work each day? How can we more thoughtfully invest in the growth of the people around us? When the stakes are high, and the company needs us to perform, how do we lead under pressure?

WiLD Toolkit Tool: The WiLD Profile

Set the foundation for your learning and growth by providing key insights into your personality, character, alignment with the mission of your organization, developmental readiness, and your overall life and work fulfillment. You’ll also identify an overarching theme for your development. It is the beginning step in your whole + intentional developmental journey.

This session will also develop peer coaching opportunities through our simple coaching model, the Process of Thoughtful Action, along with the personalized Feedback Report showing your detailed results on the WiLD Profile – which is generated when you press SUBMIT on the final page of the WiLD Toolkit Dashboard. These Feedback Reports are completely private for only the individual user to access, but will provide scaffolding for meaningful development conversations within the sessions.

WiLD Toolkit Tool: Calling + Purpose Inventory

What would change if the people on your team understood their deeper purpose – and knew why they were there and what they should do next?

The Calling and Purpose Inventory will guide conversations for individuals on your team to think deeply about the calling and purpose of their life and work and provide insight into their strengths, those they are committed to serving, and their next steps in work and life.

Individuals who participate in this session will identify and integrate the calling and purpose behind their life and work, highlight key voices who have spoken into their lives and their leadership, and create strategic alignment and commitment across the team.

WiLD Toolkit Tool: Purposeful Goals Assessment

How would purpose and intentionality across the most important areas of your life including your finances, work, health, spirituality, family and personal ambitions impact how you show up for your team? And how would it impact your team if everyone was answering these questions?

The Purposeful Goals Assessment measures your progress toward achieving your purpose in six domains of life and guides you to identify action steps and goals for increasing your fulfillment.

This session connects motivation, goals, and prioritization together.

WiLD Toolkit Tool: Leading Under Pressure Inventory

What do you want to be better at under pressure? What would change if your team knew how to show up and communicate better under pressure and within conflicts?

The Leading Under Pressure Inventory increases your emotional self-regulation under pressure and your ability to connect to the needs of others when that next high-pressure moment or conflict comes.

This session will provide meaningful conversations around the personalized Feedback Reports – revealing each individual’s Pressure Profile (measuring your emotional tendencies under pressure), and strengths and blindspots under pressure and in conflict. This will improve communication and resilience throughout the team.

WiLD Toolkit Tool: Transformational Experiences Audit

What would change if you understood the experiences the people on your team wanted next?

Through the Transformational Experiences Audit, your team will individually identify the experiences from their past that have shaped who they are today, the experiences they are currently having, and the experiences they desire to have in the future. Experiences shape us just as much as our DNA, and this audit is an intentional way to move forward while looking back at the same time.

This session will help identify the specific career and life experience individuals want next and targets the developmental experiences that have made them who they are today.

WiLD Toolkit Tool: Motivational Learning Inventory

How would your performance and effectiveness increase if you understood what motivates the individuals on your team?

Through the Motivational Learning Inventory, your team will identify the personal learning strategies for each individual – the learning strategies that keep them engaged and learning when experiencing the world around them. Each person’s personal learning strategies are what allow them to connect the dots between the experiences that are shaping them and the skills and lessons they are learning in real time.

This session will increase agility and communication in your team.

WiLD Toolkit Tool: Skills + Knowledge Inventory

Are individuals on your team seeking clarity on their roles? Do they know what skills are needed from them in this season, and can they define exactly what they bring to the table?

The Skills + Knowledge Inventory assesses the individual’s current skills and competencies and the extent to which they are currently using their strengths. It also targets the skills and knowledge they would like to gain in the future.

Knowing what you cannot help but do well and those things you would like to improve helps to guide you as you move forward. This session will increase clarity and collaboration across your team.

WiLD Toolkit Tool: People Investment Plan

What would change if the people on your team were intentionally investing in the growth and development of each other and the people they lead?

Rethink how you invest in the development and performance of others around you. This may include those you manage, your family and friends, or others for whom you are responsible. The People Investment Plan creates intentional developmental feedback and insight for others through ten key development questions.

This session and Tool will increase the adaptive performance and direction of each person on your team, as well as the people they are investing in.

WiLD Toolkit Tool: People Investment Plan

What would change if the people on your team understood the need for a strategic network for support, and could identify those people?

The Strategic Network Audit + Guide will increase personal effectiveness for every individual on your team by creating a personal board of advisors who stretch you, support you, and help you strategically.

This session and Tool will build strategic networks of support for each individual on your team in real time. This includes mentors, role models, and those who provide feedback and emotional support.


Deep and lasting change in human beings who are leading takes time. Developing whole + intentional leaders is achievable, but it does take an ongoing commitment to invest in their whole story.

–Dr. Rob McKenna
–Dr. Daniel Hallak




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“WiLD is a researched based, self-directed leadership accelerator. Rather than filling you with content that you cannot act upon, WiLD equips you to take charge of your developmental journey.”

— Patrick Patterson

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