Purpose Driven Leadership: Finding Clarity with the WiLD Toolkit

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Everyone, including your employees, understands that life is short and there are no second chances. They want to make the most of their lives and live with a sense of purpose.

As a business or organization, you must give your people a compelling cause to dedicate their lives. The more inspiring and meaningful the cause, the more they will commit themselves to its fulfillment.

To achieve this, your business or organization should have a purpose that holds significance, meaning and makes a positive impact. 

When communicating this purpose, your message should not only appeal to the intellect but also touch the hearts and stir the passions of your target stakeholders. This will help gain their support, active participation, and commitment.

In this article, we will explore Purpose Driven Leadership and how we can Find Clarity and Meaning in it by utilizing the WiLD Toolkit. This would explain why every person should pursue their unique Calling and Purpose to get the best version of themselves. 

What Is Purpose Driven Leadership?

Your leadership purpose defines your unique identity and what sets you apart. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a CEO, or in any other role, your purpose is the essence of who you are and what drives you. 

It’s not just about the tasks you perform; it’s about how you approach your work and the strengths and passions you bring to the table, regardless of your position. Your purpose makes you unmistakably you and those close to you would recognize it and miss it if it were gone.

Learn how to lead with purpose using the powerful WiLD Toolkit.

People driven by purpose belong to a unique and special group. Their motivation doesn’t stem from fame, wealth, or power but rather from a deep sense of calling, a passion beyond self-interest. 

Material possessions and conventional notions of success don’t drive them. Instead, they find fulfillment in endeavors that align with their values and aspirations.

A clear purpose is crucial in our personal lives and plays a significant role in professional success. It is the “why” behind the actions that propel us to grow personally, positively impact those around us, and reach our full potential. 

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why.”

Mark Twain

At its core, your leadership purpose is rooted in your identity. It’s not a laundry list of your qualifications, degrees, or job titles. When leaders operate with a clear purpose, they make a meaningful difference in their communities. 

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By fostering a purpose-driven team, purposeful leaders unlock even more remarkable achievements for their organization. To be a purpose-driven leader, your purpose should be personal and specific, resonating with you and only you. 

It doesn’t have to be aspirational or tied to a specific cause. It’s not something you think it should be; it’s an inherent part of who you are. It might not always sound flattering, but it captures a truth about yourself that drives you forward.

What Qualities Should A Purpose Driven Leader Possess?

A purpose-driven leader possesses several essential qualities that distinguish them in their approach to leadership. 

Dr. Rob McKenna, Founder & CEO WiLD Leaders

Firstly, they have a clear and compelling sense of purpose, understanding their why and aligning their actions with their values and beliefs. This sense of purpose is a guiding light, inspiring and motivating both themselves and their team.

Secondly, purpose driven leaders demonstrate authenticity. They are genuine and transparent, displaying congruence between their words and actions. They lead with integrity and honesty, building trust and fostering open communication within their team.

Thirdly, purposeful leaders exhibit a strong sense of empathy and compassion. They genuinely care about the well-being of their team members, actively listening, understanding their perspectives, and providing support when needed. 

By showing empathy, purpose-driven leaders create a safe, inclusive environment that encourages collaboration, innovation, and personal growth.

Furthermore, purposeful leaders are visionary. They have a long-term perspective and can articulate a compelling vision that inspires others to follow. They empower their team members, delegating responsibilities and giving them autonomy to contribute to the vision and make a meaningful impact.

Lastly, purpose driven leaders are adaptable and agile. They embrace change, continuously learn, and encourage a culture of innovation. They are open to new ideas, encourage creativity, and are willing to take calculated risks to pursue their purpose.

How To Find Your Leadership Purpose With The WiLD Toolkit:

As we’ve discussed, the purpose is a crucial factor that determines employee engagement, productivity, and happiness. It serves as the driving force behind your daily actions. However, many leaders struggle to establish a culture of purpose within their organizations. 

Imagine the positive impact it would have on your team if each member understood their deeper purpose, knowing exactly why they are part of the team and what steps they should take next.

This is where the System of WiLD Toolkit can be beneficial. Lead Diligently offers the Calling + Purpose Inventory tool of the WiLD toolkit that is specially designed to encourage deep reflection on the calling and purpose in your life and work. 

WiLD Toolkit Image, Whole + intentional Leader Development

It aims to provide valuable insights into:

  • Your leadership strengths
  • The groups you are dedicated to serving
  • Next steps to take on your journey

It allows you to delve into the core motivations and aspirations that guide your actions and decisions. Additionally, with the help of the calling + purpose inventory tool, LEAD Diligently invites you to recognize and highlight the influential voices that have played a role in shaping your life and leadership. 

Ultimately, the Calling + Purpose Inventory of the WiLD Toolkit serves as a valuable tool for self-reflection and personal growth. It would help you gain clarity and wisdom on your unique calling, purpose, and the meaningful contributions you can make to the world.

“Most of us go to our graves with our music still inside us, unplayed.” 

Oliver Wendell Holmes

The first step towards becoming a purpose-driven leader is gaining clarity on your purpose. Once you clearly understand your purpose, it becomes easier to avoid activities and decisions that are not aligned with it.

Purpose-driven leaders constantly ask themselves two fundamental questions: What am I doing? Why am I doing it? These questions are essential as they help align actions with personal and organizational values, leading to tremendous success. 

Clarity about personal and organizational values guides purpose-driven leaders in making informed decisions and taking appropriate actions.

Purpose-driven leadership guided by the 3Ps principle (People, Planet, Profit) allows you to align your business goals with social and environmental responsibility. 

By prioritizing your team, embracing sustainability, and balancing purpose and profit, you can create a thriving organization that positively impacts both people and the planet.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Purpose Driven Leader:

Purpose-driven business leaders take a holistic approach and prioritize the bigger picture rather than solely focusing on short-term gains and profits. They genuinely care about the well-being of their organization and society. 

“This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one.”

George Bernard Shaw

These leaders understand that profitability alone is insufficient if it contradicts their purpose and values. They are willing to make tough decisions to avoid opportunities not aligning with their greater mission.

Simon Sinek Purpose Driven Leadership

One of the key traits of purpose-driven leaders is their aversion to abstraction. They actively work to stay connected with their customers and employees, seeing them as real people rather than mere numbers. 

Maintaining this connection gives them valuable insights and perspectives that inform their decision-making processes.

Ethics plays a crucial role for purpose driven leaders. They approach every decision critically and prioritize making ethically responsible choices. They recognize that legality and profitability are insufficient benchmarks for decision-making if they compromise their values. 

These leaders consistently prioritize ethical considerations, ensuring their decisions are aligned with their purpose and values.

Purpose driven leaders surround themselves with like-minded individuals who share their ethical principles and purpose. By cultivating a network of ethical leaders, they set a positive example and create a supportive environment. 

Elevate your team with purpose-driven leadership. Create a positive work environment, boost productivity, and achieve success together.

Effective communication is another hallmark of purpose driven leaders. They regularly and openly discuss their values, the company’s vision, and its overall purpose. By doing so, they foster an environment of self-awareness and promote a sense of purpose among their team members. 

Through consistent communication, purpose-driven leaders inspire others to embrace their mission and contribute to creating a purpose-filled workplace. 

Purpose Into Practice:

Purpose into practice refers to the translation of an organization’s purpose or mission into actionable strategies, behaviors, and decisions throughout the entire organization. 

It involves integrating purpose at all levels, aligning it with day-to-day operations, and ensuring that it becomes a guiding principle in how work is performed, and decisions are made.

To put purpose into practice, organizations must first clearly define their purpose. This involves articulating a meaningful and inspiring mission statement that captures the essence of the organization’s existence and the positive impact it aims to create in the world. 

Once the purpose is established, it must be communicated effectively and consistently throughout the organization. Leaders are critical in ensuring everyone understands the purpose and its significance. 

This involves sharing stories, providing examples, and creating a narrative that resonates with employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

Purpose in practice also requires alignment with the organization’s strategy and goals. The purpose should not be a standalone concept but should be integrated into the strategic planning process. 

This ensures that purpose influences the choices of products, services, target markets, and business practices. Purpose-driven organizations align their strategies to create both financial value and societal impact.

Leaders must embody the purpose and lead by example, demonstrating how purpose guides decision-making and shapes the organization’s culture. Organizations can encourage purpose-driven behaviors by recognizing and rewarding individuals who exemplify the values and mission of the organization.

Ultimately, purpose in practice means that purpose becomes a lived experience within the organization. It goes beyond mere rhetoric or marketing slogans. 

Purpose influences the organization’s everyday actions, decisions, and relationships, fostering a sense of meaning and fulfillment for employees and creating a positive impact on society at large.

What Are the Limitations That Stop Purpose Driven Leaders From Pursuing Their Calling:

Every leader driven by purpose possesses a clear sense of mission and a solid determination to work tirelessly towards its achievement. 

However, there may be moments when they feel their energy waning and their goals slipping away. Recognizing these patterns and committing to transformative changes is essential to break the cycle and regain momentum.

By being aware of self-sabotaging behaviors and taking proactive steps to address them, you can overcome mental fatigue and reinvigorate your efforts. This commitment to personal growth and positive change will help you regain focus, renew your motivation, and progress significantly toward your mission.

Here are some common challenges faced by leaders who pursue their inner calling and strategies to break free from them:

Address Self-Limiting Beliefs: 

  • Fear of Failure: Purpose-driven leaders often fear failure, which can hold them back. Embrace failure as a learning opportunity and be open about your mistakes. Taking risks and thinking big is essential for growth.
  • Self-doubt: Even accomplished leaders may experience self-doubt. Combat imposter syndrome by recognizing your achievements, seeking support from mentors, and reframing negative self-talk. Embrace your strengths and believe in your capabilities.

Overcome Self-Sabotaging Behaviors: 

  • Perfectionism: Striving for excellence is admirable, but perfectionism can hinder progress and lead to burnout. Embrace the “good enough” concept and focus on continuous improvement rather than obsessing over perfection.
  • Overcommitment: Purpose-driven leaders often take on too much, making prioritizing difficult. Set clear boundaries, delegate tasks, and learn to say no to non-essential commitments. Maintaining work-life balance is crucial for sustainable impact.
  • Lack of Self-Care: Putting others first is commendable, but neglecting self-care leads to burnout. Prioritize self-care activities that rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. Make time for rest, exercise, hobbies, and quality time with loved ones.

Seek Feedback and Support: 

Actively seek feedback and support from trusted mentors, peers, or coaches. They can provide valuable insights, hold you accountable, and challenge self-limiting beliefs. Be open to their guidance and constructive criticism to gain new perspectives and grow as a leader.


Purpose driven leadership is about finding clarity and meaning in your role as a leader. It’s about going beyond profits and embracing a holistic approach encompassing the well-being of people, the planet, and financial success

As you embark on this transformative purposeful leadership development path, the WiLD Toolkit becomes your trusted companion, providing you with the tools and resources to lead diligently and with intention. 

With the WiLD Toolkit in hand, you can break free from self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors that may hinder your progress.

So equip yourself with the Lead diligently WiLD Toolkit System and be the catalyst for positive change that you were destined to be. 

How LEAD Diligently Can Help You

Lead Diligently offers expert-led leadership development programs to help you build business executive skills & advance profitable enterprises.

We are on a mission to help our clients gain the clarity they need to wholly pursue their God-given purpose and grow profitable enterprises.


What is purpose driven leadership?

Purpose driven leadership is a leadership approach where leaders align their actions and decisions with a clear sense of purpose, guiding their behaviors and inspiring others to work towards a shared mission.

Why is purpose driven leadership important?

Purpose driven leadership provides direction, motivates individuals, fosters employee engagement, and enables organizations to create a positive impact on society, leading to increased satisfaction and better performance.

How can leaders discover their purpose?

Leaders can discover their purpose by reflecting on their values, strengths, and passions, seeking clarity on what truly matters to them, and aligning their actions with their mission.

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