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What is a MasterMind Group

A LEAD Diligently Mastermind Group is a group of peers who meet to inspire, hold each other accountable, and give feedback and support. Our Mastermind Groups consist of eight to twelve members that work to earn your trust and become your Christian board of advisors.

In LEAD Diligently Mastermind Groups, you tell the truth and receive the truth back in return. Quickly, trust is created as you participate in brainstorming sessions, sharing personal information, reviewing business key performance indicators, and educational seminars.

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01. What We Do

Truth At Work is dedicated to helping Christian business leaders who feel isolated and overwhelmed. Our community of like-minded peers are here to help leaders like you live out your faith in the marketplace.

02. Our Approach

Through our Round Table groups and additional resources, we equip and inspire Christian business leaders to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually.

03. Our Mission

Truth At Work exists to transform Christian business leaders through authentic peer advisory groups that apply biblical truth for living out our faith in all areas of life.

Ask Yourself, Are You…

Cross Faith

Confused about how to integrate your faith into your business?

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Spending too much time in your business and not enough with family and friends?

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Overwhelmed by the burden of decisions you need to make?

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Stagnant without direction or strategy for growing your business?

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Feeling like a slave to the business you’ve built?

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Struggling to determine the true value of your business?

You were designed for something better

There has to be a better way, Right?

Sometimes it feels like you’re living on a treadmill; you fear that stepping off, even if for a moment, will cause your business to stop. Not only is this frustrating, but it’s also not sustainable.

Working so many hours prevents you from living the life you want, being the spouse and parent you desire, and pursuing God’s purpose for your life. Every day you look in the mirror and realize you aren’t whom you want to be.

It doesn’t have to be this hard.

You deserve something better.

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Go From Good to Great – Become the Executive Who Leads with Confidence, Wisdom & Faith

Reach Greater Success, Enjoy a More Fulfilling & Balanced Life, and Inspire Others to Excellence

You are invited to join our LEAD Diligently Mastermind Group of experienced advisors. Quickly fulfill your exciting potential with inspired brainstorming sessions, powerful motivation, collaboration with group members, accountability to keep you on track, review key performance indicators for new insights, and informative seminars filled with the latest strategies.

These are the fast-track ideas and energy your career, business, and spiritual life need now.
In a few short months, you can lead with unstoppable confidence and satisfying calm.
Easily possible with our convenient 4-hour sessions held once per month.

  • The days of feeling unsure, overwhelmed, and frustrated will be behind you.

  • You will quickly move forward with more significant insights, innovative strategies, and powerful motivation to innovate and excel.
  • Live a more balanced life that will bring you closer to the people and activities you love most.

Business Excellence with a Christian Perspective

Like you, our members believe striving for profits without including faith can be an empty experience. Pretty soon, an executive finds him or herself in a lonely world that lacks guiding values or purpose.

Our Mastermind Groups consist of eight to twelve members that work to earn your trust and become your Christian board of advisors.

  • In LEAD Diligently Mastermind Groups, you tell the truth and receive the truth back in return.

  • Trust is quickly created as we collaborate to share ideas, learn new methods, and focus on the improvements you need to move your business forward.
  • Enjoy a far more balanced life with more time for family, friends and lots of opportunities to relax and recharge.

You will grow personally with new skills that help you lead with a more significant impact while keeping yourself constantly motivated and accountable.

You will receive intelligent insights and strategies to scale your business for greater revenues, profit, and opportunity.

You will increase your inclusion of faith in your work and life to enrich your family, community, and Kingdom legacy.

If this sounds like the big step up your life and career needs now, please click to get started. Tell us about the challenges you face and what you want to achieve. Don’t miss this chance to create a positive new chapter in your life and business.

The Oz Principle Leadership Competency

You shouldn’t have to walk alone

We Get It!

Integrating faith and business can be confusing.

Don’t worry – we understand your challenges.  Hundreds of employees have been positively impacted by faith-driven executives who have engaged the LEAD Diligently team.

What Our Clients Are Saying

How Good Executives

Become Great Executives …


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