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Tools for LEADing Diligently in High Pressure Situations and through Conflict

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I am really impressed with the WiLD Toolkit!!! This multi-dimensional, holistic tool evaluates all factors impacting leadership development on an individualized basis. I really like how it allows for the development of highly personalized individual leadership development plans. This is a great approach for any company needing to develop strong leaders and managers.
Mike Hutson
Edge Business Strategies
Professional EOS® Implementer
“One of the biggest things that I’ve taken away from the WiLD Toolkit is that my development will increase their development, which the bi-product of that is them leading at a bigger capacity. 
And, in a pandemic year, our company had the most profitable revenue year and the most revenue generated in our organization. I can only say and argue that it is because of the development of our people – not driven by the sales or the numbers, but in who we are and why we’re doing what we’re doing. And that has been incredible. “ 
Wiley Cortez
PRICOR Technologies
Founder + CEO


The Whole and Intentional Leader Development (WiLD) Toolkit comprises ten comprehensive tools to facilitate leadership development. LEAD Diligently utilizes this scalable, systematic set of tools to increase momentum in handling disruption (market, technology, economic) and innovation within an organization. Our clients experience tremendous value and return on investment when utilizing the WiLD Toolkit with LEAD Diligently facilitation. Some of the value includes:

  • Organizational Alignment: When all members of an organization share a common understanding of the company’s goals, objectives, and strategic direction, it helps ensure that everyone is working toward the same outcomes. This alignment is crucial for achieving KPIs and Rocks because it minimizes conflicting priorities and encourages teamwork.
  • Participant Insight into the Interior of Themselves: This suggests that individuals within the organization deeply understand their strengths, weaknesses, and motivations. This self-awareness can help employees make better contributions to their teams and the company. It can also lead to more effective personal development and career growth.
  • Needs of the Teams: Recognizing and addressing the specific needs of different teams is essential for their success. Tailoring support and resources to the unique requirements of each team can improve their performance and, by extension, contribute to overall KPI achievement.
  • Self-awareness: Self-awareness is a critical personal attribute that can positively impact an individual’s performance. When self-aware, employees can better adapt, collaborate, and communicate with others. This can lead to more effective teamwork and, consequently, improved KPIs.
  • Executive-Level Involvement and Support: Leadership plays a significant role in driving organizational success. When executives actively support the company’s objectives, it sets a clear example for the rest of the organization. Their guidance and resources can significantly impact the achievement of KPIs and Rocks.
WiLD Toolkit