How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management?

Last Updated: August 16, 2023 | by Paul Harstrom

As a project manager, you have a lot on your plate. You ensure your team completes tasks on time and meets project objectives. But with so many moving parts, it can be challenging to keep everything in order.

Is there any effective solution to your problem? As a project manager, how can you overcome this situation? It’s Simple!

You need a system that empowers you to manage your team, regardless of its size, effortlessly, and with Google Workspace, you can easily do it. It has the ultimate toolkit for project and team management success.

You can schedule your task lists, assign projects to teammates, have face-to-face meetings, and more.

But not everyone knows how to use it for team management. In just a few simple steps, I’ll show you how to use Google Workspace to streamline your team management process and achieve greater success on your projects.

What Is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is a cloud-based productivity tool and collaboration suite of apps developed by Google. It was formerly known as Google Apps and, afterward, G Suite.

It provides a comprehensive set of applications and tools that enable individuals and executive teams to work together effectively, streamline workflows, and enhance productivity.

It has an admin dashboard to control handy features, users, and projects. By using these integrated applications within Google Workspace, teams can;

How To Use Google Workspace For Business:

Google Workspace for Business, formerly known as G Suite. To use Google Workspace for Business effectively, start by setting up a domain-specific email address using Gmail.

This establishes a professional communication channel for your organization. Next, utilize Google Drive to securely store and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other files in the cloud.

The real power of Google Workspace lies in its collaborative features, multiple team members can work on the same document simultaneously, and changes are automatically saved.

Google Calendar helps schedule meetings, appointments, and events, while Google Meet facilitates seamless video conferencing. These tools offer real-time collaboration and version history, allowing teams to work efficiently.

Businesses can leverage these features to enhance communication, productivity, and teamwork within their organization. As you integrate Google Workspace into your business, ensure your team is trained on its features and best practices.

Utilize Google Chat for quick messaging and communication, and explore integrations with other apps through the Google Workspace Marketplace to customize your experience further.

Managing user accounts, permissions, and data security settings is crucial to maintain a safe and organized digital workspace—regularly back up important data from Google Drive and other tools to prevent data loss.

Google Workspace for Business is a versatile and powerful suite that can significantly streamline your company’s operations, boost collaboration, and help you manage tasks more efficiently.

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Benefits Of Google Workspace For Business:

Google Workspace offers numerous benefits for businesses. With features like:

  • Gmail for professional email
  • Google Drive for secure file storage and sharing
  • Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides for real-time collaborative document editing

Businesses can enhance productivity and teamwork. The platform’s seamless integration allows easy scheduling through Google Calendar, efficient video conferencing via Google Meet, and centralized management of user accounts and security settings.

Moreover, Google Workspace’s cloud infrastructure ensures data accessibility from anywhere, on any device. In contrast, robust security measures and data controls safeguard sensitive information.

Google Workspace equips businesses with efficient, collaborative, and flexible solutions, promoting streamlined workflows and enhanced communication.

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How Can Google Workspace Lead To Better Team Management?

This cloud-based digital office suite is more than just a collection of apps. It’s an effective approach system that makes teams more productive.

Imagine that you’re a project manager leading a team. You want to move the company toward success. But, your team members seem lost at sea. They’re not completing common tasks efficiently and struggling to navigate their responsibilities. It’s complete chaos.

Documents are scattered across WhatsApp and Telegram, no clear deadlines, and even team meetings are not scheduled properly.

How do you find the solution to it? How do you ensure that your project doesn’t fail? The answer: Google Workspace.

It is an all-in-one solution for team management. You can integrate tools with it to ensure every team member gives their best.

Here is a list of the top 5 tools you should use for team management.

How To Sign Up For G-Suite?

Before we dive into how to manage your team, you need to create a Google Workspace account. After that, you can access amazing team management and productivity apps from Google. Here is a step-by-step on how you can set up your new account.

Step 1: Business Additions

There are three business additions in Google Workspace. You can choose any of them which best suits your business. They are;

  • Business Starter
  • Business Standard
  • Business Plus

Step 2: Add Your Business Domain

It’s time to claim your online presence by adding your business domain. It will be the virtual home where you’ll utilize Google services.

Step 3: Personal Username

Next, let’s personalize your Google Workspace experience by adding your personal username.

Step 4: Email Address

Add an email address that’s not on your domain to ensure a smooth account recovery process. If you ever forget your login details, Google can contact this alternative email address. So you can regain access to your account.

How To Use Google Workspace For Team Management?

With Google Workspace, you can do a lot of tasks seamlessly. Here is how you can do it and make sure that your team gets success.

Everyone Is On the Same Page With Group Emails – Gmail

Imagine you’re leading a big project with multiple departments and team members. How can you make sure that your team is communicating with each other?

By using Gmail!

With Google Groups, you can create a single Gmail address that includes everyone involved in your project. It’s like having a virtual hub where all your team members can unite and stay on top of the project dynamics.

Here’s how you can do it;

  • Sign into your Google Groups account.
Sign into your Google Groups account
How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management? 67
  • On the top left, click on the option “Create group.”
Create group in google workspace
How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management? 68
  • Set a name for the group, and add an email address.
  • Then add a description and the purpose of the group.
  • Now, you can add all group members, managers, and welcome messages. Then choose “Create group.”
How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management? 69

You can control access and customize email groups with privacy settings and other advanced features.

How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management? 70

Effortlessly Manage Your Projects – Google Calendar

Now that your project plan is locked and your team email group is running. You can move to the next step, which is scheduling all projects. With Google Calendar, members can easily track deadlines and milestones.

And the best part is that setting up is also very easy.

  • Go to Google Calendar and click on “Create.”
Google Calendar
How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management? 71
  • Give any name for your calendar, and your desired time zone.
How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management? 72
  • Below the My Calendars tab, you will see the “Create calendar” option. Click on it.
How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management? 73
  • My Calendar tab is important because this is where you can share your calendar with the team.
How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management? 74
  • After clicking “More,” you will see “Settings & Sharing.” Choose it, and now you can share it with your teammates or anyone you want.
How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management? 75

Face-to-face Interaction – Google Meet

If you’re managing a remote team scattered across the globe like puzzle pieces waiting to be connected. With Google Meet, you can bring your team members closer than ever before through live video conferencing. Google Meet is at your fingertips, no matter the device you’re using.

Here’s how you can set up a Google meeting;

  • Open Google Calendar.
How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management? 76
  • Click on the “+” button to create a new event.
How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management? 77
  • Fill in the event details, such as the title, date, and time.
How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management? 78
  • In the event description, click on “Add Google Meet video conferencing.”
How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management? 79
  • A unique Google Meet link will be generated automatically for the event.
How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management? 80
  • Click “Save” to create the event and include the Google Meet link. 
How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management? 81

You can now add participants and send the link to whoever you want. At the scheduled time, the meeting will start, and attendees can join it.

Share Documents With Team – Google Doc

You’re sitting at your desk, crafting the perfect agenda for your upcoming meeting or polishing up a proposal for your project. But here’s the catch!

You need feedback, collaboration, and the ability to work together in real-time.

How can you make this possible?

With Google Docs, it’s possible! It’s like having a virtual meeting room where everyone can contribute, share ideas, and make targeted suggestions, all in real-time.

Here’s a quick guide to get you started:

  • Open Google Docs.
Open Google Docs
How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management? 82
  • Click on the “+” (New) button to create a new document.
How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management? 83

You can leave comments, manage shared access, review, and add feedback.

Simplify Your File Management – Google Doc

What if I tell you that you can access your files from anywhere, anytime? With Google Drive, this dream becomes a reality. It’s like having a secure vault in the cloud. Here you can store relevant information and share it with your team. It seamlessly integrates with other incredible Google apps.

  • Visit or download the Google Drive app.
How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management? 84
  • Sign in or create a Google account.
How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management? 85
  • Access your Google Drive dashboard.
  • Click on the + button to start uploading your files.
How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management? 86

Digital Assistant for Task Mastery – Google Tasks

Google Tasks is a versatile tool designed to streamline task management and enhance productivity. Imagine you’re part of a marketing team working on a high-profile campaign. Staying organized is important, with numerous tasks to complete, deadlines to meet, and team members to coordinate with.

But how can you do this?

With Google Tasks, you can do it! From brainstorming ideas to designing creatives, from scheduling social media posts to analyzing campaign metrics, and much more – each task can be listed with clear details and deadlines.

You can create a task using your Google Tasks account or Google Calendar.

From Google Tasks:

  • Open Google Tasks.
  • Click “+ Add a task” or the “New task” field.
  • Enter the task description.
  • Set a due date (optional).
  • Add subtasks (optional).
  • Organize with lists or labels (optional).
  • Save the task.

From Google Calendar:

  • Open your Google Calendar.
  • Identify a commitment or to-do item.

Create a task from the event by clicking on it.

How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management? 87
How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management? 88
  • Save the task, and it will appear in Google Tasks. It’s now added as a reminder on your calendar.
3 2
How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management? 89

That’s it! You’ve successfully created a task. Repeat these steps to add more tasks and manage your to-do list and team effectively.

You can also leverage the functionality of Google Tasks within Google Docs to enhance your productivity. Here’s a step-by-step process to effectively manage your tasks and meetings:

  • Create a Meeting Agenda in Google Docs: Start by drafting a comprehensive meeting agenda using Google Docs. Outline the topics, objectives, and any specific points you want to discuss during the meeting.
How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management? 90

Provide a Meeting Summary: Once the meeting is concluded, utilize Google Docs to create a meeting summary. Capture the key takeaways, decisions made, and action items discussed during the meeting.


Assign Tasks and Set Reminders: To facilitate task management, you can assign specific tasks directly within Google Docs. Use Google Tasks to create task lists and assign responsibilities to individuals involved in the meeting. Additionally, Google Tasks can generate reminders, ensuring that deadlines and important dates are not missed.

How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management? 91

Collaborate Like Champions – Google Keep

Google Keep is like a hidden gem in the Google suite of products. It may not be as famous as Gmail or Google Drive, but let me tell you, it’s a game-changer regarding team collaboration.

It’s been around since 2013 and continues to be a go-to solution for managing tasks and storing important information without costing you a single penny. It has many other functions, such as it lets you store all sorts of information, from important notes to project plans, details, and team reminders.

You can color-code, label, and tag your notes for easy organization, ensuring that everything is exactly where it needs to be. You can even share these notes with your team members.

Source: Google Keep

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Create a new note.
  • Add text, checklists, or images.
  • Organize with labels and colors.
  • Set reminders for important tasks.
  • Collaborate with others by inviting them to notes.
  • Access notes on multiple devices.
  • Customize settings to your liking.

What if I tell you that the next time you open Gmail, you won’t get a long list of emails? Instead of that, you see your neatly organized task list right there, ready to guide you through your priorities. With Google Keep seamlessly integrated into your Gmail workflow, this is possible.

Organizing Gmail with Labels

When managing your inbox, emails can often be categorized into three main categories: follow-up, awaiting a response, and need to read. Each category represents a different level of action or attention required. You can take your Gmail to the next level and increase your team’s productivity.

1# Create Labels

By creating labels in Gmail, you can easily categorize and manage your team-related emails. It becomes simple to locate and organize important communication.

  • Open Gmail and go to Settings.
  • Access the Labels tab.
  • Click on “Create new label.”

Name the label (e.g., team member names, project names).

8 2
How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management? 92
  • Nest labels (optional) for hierarchical organization.
  • Customize label settings (optional).
  • Save the label.
  • Apply labels to emails by selecting them and choosing the label.
  • Manage labels in the Labels tab of Gmail Settings.

2# Colorized Labels

Let’s say you’re managing a marketing team with multiple ongoing projects. How can you find common tasks? You can try searching for keywords, but there’s another easy way!

You can assign a green color to all emails related to Project A, a blue color to Project B, etc. And just like that, with a quick glance at your inbox, you can instantly identify which project emails require your attention and prioritize accordingly.

9 1
How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management? 93
  • Access the Labels tab.
  • Scroll down to the Labels section and locate the label you want to colorize or create a new label.
  • Click on the “Color” option next to the label name.
  • Choose a color from the color palette or enter a custom color code.
  • Preview the color to ensure it suits your preference.
  • Save the changes.

3# Enable multiple inboxes

If you want to monitor emails from multiple accounts or labels or track emails that need a response, you can create separate inboxes for each category. Here’s an easy way you can do it!

  • Open Gmail and go to Settings.
  • Access the “Advanced” tab.
  • Scroll down to the “Multiple Inboxes” section.
  • Click on the “Enable” button.
  • Customize your multiple inboxes by specifying the number of panes you want and their positioning.
  • Configure the search queries for each pane by entering the desired criteria.
  • Save the changes.

4# Triage emails

Triage emails refer to the process of quickly sorting and prioritizing incoming messages based on their importance or urgency. It can make your team

  • Go to Gmail and click the gear icon in the top right corner.

Select “See all settings” from the dropdown menu.

10 1
How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management? 94
  • Click on the “Inbox” tab in the settings menu.
11 2
How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management? 95
  • Scroll down to the “Inbox type” section and select “Priority Inbox” from the options.
12 2
How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management? 96
  • Click on the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page.
13 2
How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management? 97

That’s it. A simple guide on how to use google workspace for team management. If you follow these steps, I’m sure you can do this perfectly.


Nowadays, everything is competitive; you can’t afford to delay any task. Every task holds immense value, and missing even a single opportunity can have significant consequences. So learning How To Use Google Workspace for Team Management is very important.

That’s why choosing Google Workspace for your business and team management is a decision that can make all the difference. It will help your team stay updated and give their best, which can reap good results.

Let us know your experience with the Google Task Manager in the comments section below!

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How do I use Google Workspace for my team?

To use Google Workspace for your team, sign up, create user accounts, and utilize tools like Gmail, Drive, and Docs for seamless collaboration and communication.

Does Google have a team task manager?

Yes, Google Workspace offers a task manager called Google Tasks that integrates with Gmail and Google Calendar, helping you manage and organize team tasks efficiently.

How do I manage tasks in Google Workspace?

Manage tasks in Google Workspace using Google Tasks to create, organize, and track to-do lists or integrate third-party task management apps through Google Workspace Marketplace for more advanced task management capabilities.

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