What Is EOS®? Insights From the Book “Get A Grip”

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Regardless of your industry, current stage of development, or the size of your business, EOS® could be the catalyst that propels you to greater heights. Read our full article for insights from the book, “Get a Grip” to learn about EOS®.

As a business leader, you likely possess a clear understanding of the necessary steps for success. However, factors like procrastination, the challenge of prioritization, or managing the complexities of growth may sometimes hinder your progress.

EOS® comes into play by breaking down these significant steps and offering practical tools to facilitate substantial change. 

This approach makes even the most ambitious goals appear less intimidating and more attainable. Ultimately, EOS® centers around achieving these goals.

So, are you ready to take your small business to the next level? 

Look no further because the EOS® practical framework is introduced as a game-changer for small business owners in this book review, “Get a Grip” by Mike Paton and Gino Wickman.

Get a Grip book cover with rules, traction for your business. Buy now for get a grip examples and EOS insights.

Introduction To “Get A Grip” Review:

Reviewing ‘Get a Grip’ by Mike Paton and Gino Wickman offers small business owners a practical framework called EOS to address challenges like lack of focus and team alignment. It equips them to:

  • Clarify their vision
  • Improve processes
  • Achieve growth

EOS®, which stands for Entrepreneurial Operating System, is a comprehensive system that provides tools and strategies to help businesses thrive.

In “Get a Grip,” Mike Paton and Gino Wickman introduce readers to the critical components of EOS. They explain how the system works and provide step-by-step guidance on implementing it in your business.

One of the main strengths of EOS is its emphasis on practicality. The authors understand small business owners need actionable solutions, not just theoretical concepts. 

Throughout the book, they provide real-life examples and case studies to illustrate how EOS can be applied in various industries.

Another standout feature of “Get a Grip” is its focus on improving organizational processes. The authors recognize that inefficiencies can hinder growth and success. They offer tools and techniques to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and eliminate bottlenecks.

Furthermore, “Get a Grip” offers valuable insights into effective leadership. It highlights the importance of strong leadership in driving business success and provides strategies for developing leadership skills within your team.

Overall, “Get a Grip” is an essential resource for small business owners looking to overcome common challenges and take their companies to new heights. The books practical approach and insightful advice make it a must-read for anyone seeking expertise in running their own business.

Get A Grip by Gino Wickman | Book Summary:

Many business books follow a conventional pattern—introducing frameworks and concepts, exploring them in-depth, and providing theoretical examples for application. While some are well-written and engaging, most can be dry and time-consuming.

Lead Diligently prefers business books that infuse their frameworks and concepts into a compelling narrative. These books are easier to digest and provide entertainment alongside knowledge.

Although we may not always directly apply the presented concepts, we tend to read through these narrative-style business books more swiftly, as they feel less like work and more like an enjoyable experience.

In our recent business read, “Get A Grip: An Entrepreneurial Fable” by Gino Wickman and Mike Paton, the authors adopt a storytelling approach to introduce their Entrepreneurial Operating System framework, or EOS for short.

The story in “Get A Grip” revolves around a struggling small consulting company, Swan Services, experiencing growth stagnation, internal conflicts, and underperformance.

Eileen, one of the co-founders, seeks the help of a consultant named Alan, who successfully assisted her friend’s business turnaround. Eileen’s decision to bring in Alan sets the stage for the rest of the book, illustrating how the EOS framework is implemented to establish the company’s direction and get it back on track.

“Get A Grip” is a valuable business book particularly suited for startups in growth mode with a team of around 10-15 people. While some EOS concepts are tailored for larger organizations, aspects of the framework apply even to smaller companies.

“Get A Grip” is highly recommended to leadership team members in early or growth-stage startups. The book offers a wealth of valuable concepts that can be applied to your business.

What is The EOS® Framework In ‘Get A Grip’?

Gino Wickman, from a family of business leaders in Michigan, created a practical system with simple ideas and tools to help busy entrepreneurs achieve their business goals and overcome common challenges.

EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System) is not a computer operating system but a system for people. It’s all about straightforward ideas and practical tools that help fix problems in your business.

The EOS Framework stands out because it addresses the real causes of problems instead of just treating the symptoms. It also instills:

  • Focus
  • Discipline
  • Accountability in the organization

When implementing EOS®, the first step is identifying the team members who will be involved in the process. EOS® focuses on creating a clear vision for the company, using data, and establishing effective processes.

One of the key strengths of the EOS® framework is its emphasis on accountability. Through regular meetings known as ‘Level 10 Meetings,‘ teams can address any issues or obstacles hindering progress.

But it doesn’t stop there; it also involves looking at your organizational structure. This means making sure you have not only the right people but also that they’re in the right roles.

It transforms businesses, making them more strategic and less reactive when put into practice. Gino Wickman’s book “Traction: Get A Grip on Your Business” introduces the basics of EOS.

Learn about what is EOS Traction and the EOS Traction book for effective business management.

Who Can Benefit from EOS?

EOS® is most useful for businesses with a staff size ranging from ten to 250 employees.

While small businesses might not need this approach initially, experts recommend laying the foundation early if the business is growing with plans to scale.

Larger companies may find EOS® challenging to implement efficiently due to their bureaucratic nature.

The 6 Key Components of the EOS® System:

You’ll find that the EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System) framework in “Get a Grip” offers a practical solution for small business owners to clarify their vision, improve processes, and achieve growth.

At its core, the EOS® framework is designed to help small businesses gain traction by focusing on six key components:

  • Vision
  • People
  • Data
  • Issues
  • Process
  • Traction
What is EOS® Six Key Components?

By addressing each of these areas with clarity and discipline, business owners can align their teams around a shared vision and create an environment where everyone is working towards the same goals.

EOS® aims to build traction, which means gaining momentum and making progress. It does this by maintaining consistent meetings and holding everyone accountable. This approach can lead to significant positive changes in a company, such as creating unity, defining core values, and improving focus.

Additionally, the EOS® framework provides practical tools for strategic planning, goal setting, and process improvement. This allows business owners to identify areas of opportunity or inefficiency within their organization and implement strategies for improvement.

A visual representation of the key components of the Entrepreneurial Operating System model, also known as the entrepreneurial operating system, is depicted here.

Overall, EOS®’s proven effectiveness has made it a popular choice among entrepreneurs worldwide. By implementing the principles outlined in “Get a Grip” by Gino Wickman, small businesses can gain traction and overcome common challenges on their path to success.

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Reviewing The Fable Behind “Get a Grip” Book:

The fable in “Get a Grip” provides an engaging narrative that illustrates the challenges faced by small business owners and how they can overcome them with the EOS® framework.

The fable begins with Traction corporation, named “Swan Services”, the leadership team feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. They lack focus, their processes are disorganized, and their employees are not aligned with their vision.

Sound familiar? This is where many small businesses find themselves.

But fear not! The EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System) framework comes to the rescue. It offers clear steps for small business owners to gain control of their company and achieve success.

What makes this book unique is its practicality. The authors have distilled years of experience into a step-by-step process anyone can implement. You’ll find actionable tools and exercises throughout the book that will help you apply what you’ve learned to your business.

How Does “Get a Grip” Help Small Businesses Define Their Vision?

“Get a Grip” is about staying focused on what truly matters. It provides regular meetings where leaders encourage the team to concentrate only on what moves the company closer to its goals, guided by a clear vision.

This system encourages saying “no” when necessary to avoid distracting from essential initiatives. It teaches discipline and problem-solving by addressing root causes, which leads to lasting change.

By providing practical tools and exercises, “Get a Grip” guides small businesses in clarifying their vision and setting clear goals for growth. This is crucial for small business owners who often find themselves pulled in multiple directions and lacking focus.

Here is how “Get a Grip” can help you Define Vision:

Vision Traction Organizer (VTO):

The book introduces the VTO, a simple yet powerful tool that helps you articulate your company’s core values, purpose, target market, marketing strategy, and more.

What is EOS Vision Tracker Tool?

By filling out the VTO template, you’ll understand what your business stands for and where it’s headed.

Core Focus:

“Get a Grip” emphasizes the importance of identifying your organization’s Core Focus – the combination of your purpose and niche market. By defining this unique aspect of your business, you can make better decisions aligned with your long-term goals.


In EOS® terminology, Rocks are key priorities that need to be achieved within a 90-day timeframe.

What is EOS Rocks?

“Get a Grip” teaches you how to identify the most critical Rocks for your business and create actionable plans to accomplish them. This helps keep everyone focused on what matters most.


A Scorecard provides an easy way to track critical numbers and key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time. By implementing this tool, you’ll have a clear snapshot of how well your business performs against its goals.

What is EOS Scorecard Tools?

With these practical exercises and tools from “Get a Grip,” small businesses can gain clarity on their vision, set clear goals for growth, and align their team towards success.

Reviewing “Get A Grip” Strategies For Aligning Your Team:

Implementing the practical strategies in “Get a Grip” can help small businesses align their teams and promote collaboration for success.

One key strategy the book outlines is creating an accountability chart, as EOS promotes transparency and accountability.

What is EOS Accountability Chart?

This chart allows business owners to clearly define roles and responsibilities within the organization, ensuring that everyone knows who is responsible for what.

Another strategy discussed in “Get a Grip” is conducting regular Level 10 meetings. These meetings allow team members to come together and discuss important business issues.

The format of these meetings is structured, with each attendee rating the meeting on a scale of 1-10 at the end. This ensures that everyone’s voice is heard and that progress can be made towards solving problems or making decisions.

By establishing clear lines of authority and communication, team members can work together more efficiently and effectively.

In addition to these strategies, “Get a Grip” emphasizes the importance of having quarterly rocks or goals for the business. These rocks serve as milestones that keep everyone focused on achieving results.

By breaking down larger objectives into smaller, achievable goals, teams can stay motivated and track their progress throughout the year.

The clear roles and responsibilities outlined in the accountability chart, regular Level 10 meetings, and quarterly rocks create a framework for effective teamwork and improved productivity.

With this foundation in place, small businesses can overcome challenges more efficiently and achieve their desired growth and success.

How To Apply EOS Tools In Your Business?

The book provides a step-by-step guide on implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) framework, which has been proven to drive success for more than 100,000 companies.

To begin, “Get a Grip” emphasizes defining and documenting your company’s core values and vision. By clearly articulating your vision, you create a roadmap for growth and provide employees with a sense of purpose.

Next, the book introduces the concept of establishing quarterly Rocks – specific goals that will move your business forward. These Rocks are measurable objectives that help focus attention on key priorities.

By setting clear expectations around what needs to be accomplished within a specified timeframe, you can ensure progress is made towards achieving long-term goals.

Furthermore, “Get a Grip” highlights the significance of regular meetings to maintain accountability and transparency within your team. The authors introduce two types of meetings: Level 10 Meetings and Quarterly Planning Sessions.

Level 10 Meetings allow open communication where issues are identified, discussed, and resolved.

EOS Level 10 Meetings As Performed in the Book “Get A Grip”

On the other hand, Quarterly Planning Sessions will enable you to review progress toward annual goals and adjust plans accordingly.

The book “Get a Grip” also stresses the importance of building an effective leadership team by identifying strengths and weaknesses through tools like People Analyzer. This tool helps assess whether individuals fit their roles well based on core values alignment and skillset evaluation.

These four mindset shifts are integral to making EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System) work effectively in your organization.

Delegate Leadership:

Acknowledge that you cannot be the sole decision-maker and executor. Build a capable leadership team, hire individuals who excel in their roles, grant them control and responsibility for specific areas, and present a unified front to the organization.

Navigate Growth Challenges:

Understand that organizational growth occurs in bursts, and you’ll inevitably encounter individual, departmental, and company-wide barriers.

To overcome these obstacles and continue progressing, your team must master simplification and delegation (allowing you to elevate yourself and your business), anticipate short- and long-term challenges, implement systematic approaches, and establish an appropriate structure for the next phase of growth.

Unified Operating System:

Operate your business using a single operating system to ensure everyone is aligned.


Cultivate openness by being candid about your vulnerabilities and welcoming new ideas with a willingness to seize change.

Real-Life Success Stories:

Many small business owners have succeeded by applying the EOS tools outlined in “Get a Grip.” These tools are not just theoretical concepts; they have been put into practice by real-life entrepreneurs who have achieved remarkable results.

One such success story is that of a small marketing agency struggling with team alignment and lack of focus. The owner decided to implement EOS and was amazed by its transformation.

Through weekly Level 10 meetings, where each team member shares updates, solves issues, and holds each other accountable, the team became more aligned and focused on achieving its goals. As a result, productivity increased, client satisfaction improved, and revenue grew significantly.

Another example is a manufacturing company facing operational inefficiencies. Using the EOS® tool called the Vision Traction Organizer (VTO), they could clarify their vision for the future and set specific goals for each department.

With clear objectives, they implemented process improvement initiatives that streamlined operations and reduced costs. The result was improved profitability, recording a 50% increase, and increased customer satisfaction.

You can find these success stories and additional information about the EOS system and its advantages on the EOS Worldwide website.

EOS® System Constraints:

While EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System) has demonstrated its effectiveness for numerous organizations, it does come with its set of limitations. Here are several potential constraints to bear in mind:

  • EOS® involves multiple components that can be challenging and time-consuming to master.
  • EOS® may not perfectly suit the unique needs of every organization.
  • Implementing EOS® may face resistance and a lack of enthusiasm for organizational changes.
  • EOS® requires a commitment of time, effort, and resources that smaller organizations may struggle with.
  • The structured nature of EOS® may limit adaptability in rapidly changing environments.
  • Effective EOS® implementation often relies on skilled facilitators or consultants.
  • EOS®’s focus on quarterly planning may inadvertently encourage a short-term mindset.

Recognizing that these limitations are not absolute and can vary based on an organization’s specific requirements is vital.

Organizations considering EOS® implementation should thoughtfully evaluate these constraints to determine alignment with their objectives and available resources.

Critical Takeaways From “Get A Grip” Book review:

Takeaways from the ‘Get a Grip’ review equips small business owners by providing a practical framework to clarify their vision, improve processes, and achieve growth. Here are the key takeaways from ‘Get a Grip’:

The book emphasizes the importance of having a clear and compelling vision for your business. It provides practical tools and exercises to help you define your core values, purpose, and long-term goals. By clarifying your vision, you can align your team and make better decisions that support your growth.

  • Develop core values: Identify the fundamental beliefs that guide your company’s behavior.
  • Define your purpose: Determine why your business exists beyond just making money.
  • Set long-term goals: Create specific objectives that reflect where you want to be in the future.

“Get a Grip” offers strategies to streamline operations and eliminate inefficiencies to drive growth. It introduces EOS® tools such as scorecards, weekly meetings, and quarterly rocks – actionable priorities that keep everyone focused on achieving results.

  • Implement scorecards: Track key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure progress towards goals.
  • Conduct efficient meetings: Adopt a structured agenda for weekly leadership meetings to ensure alignment across departments.
  • Prioritize quarterly rocks: Break down annual objectives into manageable tasks with clear deadlines.

Conclusion on “Get A Grip” Book Review:

In wrapping up “What Is EOS®? Insights From ‘Get a Grip’ Review,” it’s clear that the Entrepreneurial Operating System offers a compelling framework for businesses aiming to enhance their performance and growth.

The “Get A Grip” review showcased how EOS can provide valuable solutions to everyday business challenges.

Share your insights about EOS® and the “Get a Grip” book review in the comments below!

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Is EOS® suitable for all businesses?

EOS® is most effective for businesses with 10 to 250 employees but can be adapted for various sizes.

What are the potential challenges of implementing EOS®?

Challenges may include complexity, resistance to change, resource requirements, and a structured approach.

How can organizations overcome resistance to EOS®?

Overcoming resistance involves securing buy-in, communication, and addressing concerns with transparency.

What is the role of skilled facilitators in EOS® implementation?

Skilled facilitators or consultants can help organizations navigate EOS effectively and overcome challenges.

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